Feature Films


Written and directed by No Film School founder Ryan Koo, Amateur stars Michael Rainey Jr.  (Power) and Josh Charles (The Good Wife).  Selected for the Sundance Labs, Amateur was released as a Netflix Original Film in the Spring of 2018. Chip was the producer and Ryan the director of the short film of the same name in 2013.


Starring Melissa Leo, Misty Upham, Michael O’Keefe, Charlie McDermott, and Mark Boone Junior,  Winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize.  Other awards include: two Academy Award nominations (Best Actress- Melissa Leo, Best Screenplay), two Gotham Independent Film Awards (Best Picture, Best Actress), two Independent Spirit Awards (seven nominations, including Best Picture), International Press Academy Satellite Awards (Nominee, Best Picture), SAG Award nomination (Best Actress- Melissa Leo), Critics Choice Award nomination (Best Actress- Melissa Leo), Critics Award (Best Picture) Hamburg Film Festival, Silver Seashell (Best Actress- Melissa Leo) San Sebastián International Film Festival, Audience Award (Best Picture) Provincetown International Film Festival, Writer/Director Award- Nantucket Film Festival, Lena Sharpe Award- Seattle International Film Festival. Released theatrically in 2008 by Sony Pictures Classics in North America and in 2009 by Rezo Films worldwide.

“It took my breath away, and then somewhere around the last hour, it put my heart in a  vice, and proceeded to twist that vice until the last frame. All of a sudden, this completely naturalistic movie was one of the most exciting thrillers I’m going to see this year.” – Quentin Tarantino

“Riveting… Melissa Leo gives the performance of a lifetime… independent moviemaking at its best; telling real life, off the grid stories with compassion, skill and honesty.” – Steve Ramos, indieWIRE

“Let Frozen River wash over you; let its bracing drama and the intensity of its acting restore your spirits as well as your faith in American independent film. As those who have seen more than their share can testify, the all-purpose independent label guarantees only a modest budget and sometimes not even that. Frozen River, however, is not only the deserved winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, it also beautifully illustrates what the movement is supposed to be about.” – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times


Written and directed by Travis Fine, starring Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt. Winner of the Audience Awards for Best Feature Film at the Tribeca, Chicago, Outfest, Provincetown, Napa Valley and Woodstock Film Festivals, the Audience Award for Best Actor (Alan Cumming) at Outfest, Jury Award for Best Acting in a Narrative Feature at the Napa Valley Film Festival and two Golden Space Needle Audience Awards for Best Feature and Best Actor (Alan Cumming) at the Seattle International Film Festival, distributed by Music Box Films. Winner of a 2013 GLAAD Award for Outstanding Feature Film.

“Besides handling the handling the dramatic aspects with keen sensitivity, director Fine gets the period details exactly right,” – Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“Cumming delivers what is possibly his best performance to date.” – Boyd van Hoeij, Variety

“Alan Cumming has never been nominated for an Oscar, but director Travis Fine’s powerful, fact-based movie could be the breakthrough role that makes it happen.” – John Hartl, The Seattle Times


Written and directed by Travis Gutiérrez Senger, starring Lee Tergesen. Winner of Best Picture Awards at the Manchester International Film Festival, Naples International Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, and NY VisionFest, released in October 2016 by The Orchard.

“This is quite simply a great film from top to bottom.  The cast is perfect, the score heartbreaking, the images are worthy to be hung on a museum wall.  Everything comes together to form one of the most haunting films I’ve seen in 2016.” – Steve Coplan, Unseen Films


Written and directed by Jay Craven, based upon the novel by Howard Frank Mosher.  Starring Bruce Dern, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, and Genevieve Bujold. Released theatrically in 2015.

“The stubborn old mule Bruce Dern played in Nebraska was a pussycat compared to the grudging old goat he portrays in Northern Borders. Dern made the movies back to back and is magnificent in both.” – Graham Fuller, NY Daily News


Written and directed by Chip Hourihan, based upon a short story by Robert Boswell.  Winner of Best Picture awards at the Arizona International and Rome International Film Festivals, Best Actor awards at the Victoria and Woods Hole Film Festivals.

“A terrific independent feature… Hourihan reveals a real gift for establishing mood and character with economy while evoking deeply a sense of time and place. In going for small truths, Hourihan drives them home with more force, not to mention succinctness, than countless filmmakers do in striving for the profound… Glissando is a quiet knockout.” – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“The bittersweet tone of Glissando, with fine thesping found in offbeat desert locations, makes it a small gem deserving wider exposure. Highly literate father-son road saga, mostly set in the 1970s, is pitched just right… a striking debut for talented helmer-scripter Chip Hourihan.” – Ken Eisner, Variety